Mission Statement

The Monmouth County SPCA’s Vogel Veterinary Care Center’s mission is to elevate the level of veterinary care in our community by providing quality services accessible to all animals and their families.

About Vogel Care Center

The Vogel Veterinary Care Center, an extension of the Monmouth County SPCA, is a rapidly growing small animal practice in beautiful Monmouth County, NJ. Our Care Center serve a diverse client base, with a special emphasis on the under served population of animals that need veterinary care and seek to provide it in a high-quality, compassionate and positive environment. By making veterinary care more accessible for all pet owners, we hope to build mutually rewarding veterinary-client-patient relationships, educate the community about preventive pet care and reduce animal cruelty and neglect.


Revenues generated by the Vogel Veterinary Care Center will help support the Monmouth County SPCA‘s primary mission to protect, care and advocate for all animals. Learn more about the impact you’re having on pets in our community.

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